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Favorite ThisONHELL turns in wavy remix of Psy Fi 'Due West'

Published: February 27, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Psy Fi - Fourth WallPsy Fi has been a staple of the west coast bass scene for a number of years now. You can always trust that Miles Ross is going to keep his melodic flavor and tireless pursuit of bass keyed into contemporary production movements and ensure that his sound stays relevant in turbulent times.

On March 5th, Ross releases his latest work, Fourth Wall, on, a new label curated by Fyoomz, Djedi, and M!NGO, dedicated to wave music. To that end, we bring our fans the “Due West” remix by ONHELL.

Funnyman and serious producer Angel Rubio-Hale is on a roll with the release of his Remixtape II, the announcement of his Parallels tour with Thelem, and of course, his first slot at The Untz Festival this summer. His take on “Due West” has me in my feels, but there's still that signature grit that ONHELL always brings to the table. Additional remixes on the collection come from Spoken Bird, MRKRYL, and more. is giving fans a free download of ONHELL's remix with every pre-order of Fourth Wall.

Tags: Trap