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Favorite ThisNatty's Picks of the Week - Volume 5

Published: February 2, 2011

By: Natty Morrison

I’m tired. Too much raging at the Kinetic Playground in Chicago with NiT GriT, Lobounce and others this weekend. So this week I tried to go with some more down-tempo choices. Ooh, not so loud. My head. Let’s just get right into it.

1. “Who’s Laughing Now?” - Mr. Savz

Down-tempo never sounded so good. Mixed with sliced up beats and a haunting background laugh, this song will haunt your dreams. Who’s laughing now? Mr. Savz, so it seems.

2. “I Like That Sound” - Colfax

Like most humans, I like to feel sexy. But sometimes I like to feel like a sexy robot. Don’t judge me; it’s just my thing. My fetish, if you will. At any rate, check out this super sexy track from Colfax off the Love Tech 2 year anniversary compilation. It should have you feeding your lover raunchy come-ons in ones and zeros before your know it.

3. “Turtle Slap” - Blunt Instrument

Another recommendation from the always excellent Anand Harsh (AKA your ever-faithful host of the Untz podcast). This track from Blunt Instrument was shoved in my face during some pre-show festivities last weekend, and the dribble of wobble bass combined with digital blips and bleeps will leave you nodding your head and your spinal cord. And hey, isn’t that Korn buried within the layers of glitch? Hey, it is!

4. “Nano Puppy” - Samples and Stephan Jacobs

I found this name typed in my phone (littered with grammatical errors, of course) with a message attached reading, “Don’t forget this guy, idiot!” I’m not sure if that was from me, a fellow partygoer with a bit more intelligence than I, or perhaps just my subconscious, but I’m glad I didn’t forget about him. This guy is the real deal. Check out this insanely dope Bone Thug re-edit from Mr. Jacobs.

5. “Blood Sugar (Live @ Electric Ballroom, London)” - Pendulum

Someone reminded me how amazingly awesome Pendulum is. Thank Science they did. Here’s a live, rocked-up rendition of their banger “Blood Sugar.” “Fuck it, I lied, it’s drum and bass. What are you gonna do?” Probably nothing. Probably just rage.

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