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Favorite ThisMt. Analogue embraces his spooky side on Tormented Revenant

Published: October 17, 2018

Story by: Heather Hodder

Photo by: Mike Brooks (Starry Night Productions)

Looking for some tunes that send a chill down your spine? Fans of The Trifinity (a.k.a. Yheti, Toadface, and Mt. Analogue), come hither!

Just in time for Halloween Mt. Analogue has dropped his new album, Tormented Revenant, on Bandcamp available for a pay-what-you-can download or free streaming .

The eight track album is not for the faint of heart with its glitchy, crawling beats and eerie voices. This is bound to be on repeat for any weird bass Halloween gathering. I would suggest downloading this in the event a storm moves in and knocks out your neighborhood's power. Then you can really get in the mood of the eerie and strange by tricking (or treating) your trapped companions to these jams. Hey, what’s Halloween without a good scare? Even the cover art is spot on with Reapers, tombstones, jack-o-lanterns, and more ghoulish haunted graveyard sights, created by Mallory Thokey.

While you listen to the extremely uncomfortable first track, “Necromancy” (hard to describe how this feels to listen to, just trust me: Don’t turn out your lights), read some of the vivid introduction to the album, similar to a campfire ghost story. In short the introduction, Mt. Analogue, the moniker of Stephen Strohmenger, explains that by the force of “The Darkness,” an ancient undead being is unearthed from catacombs, cursed and enslaved to bring chaos into the land of the living, as a “tormented revenant brought back from the void to see the biddings of The Darkness be done...”

Mt. AnalogueStrohmenger is about to be on his own sourjourn of dark dirt funk oddities, starting a tour from October 25 until December 15, with two dates in his homebase of Ohio, and more dates across the Midwest and Mid- Atlantic region. He will support acts such as The Widdler, Pushloop, and ill.Gates.

Tormented Revenant includes soundscapes of glitch hop horror like “Torture Chamber” and the synth and ambient almost trance like “Echoes from the Void.” Additionally two tracks feature collabs; “ Dayton Asylum” by Mt. Analogue and Peloquin, and “Fiends 4” featuring Twon, Dr. Sherman, and AB-Life.

Morbid sounds galore, Mt.Anologue knows the balance between funky and foul. As Strohmenger posted with wicked delight with release of Tormented Revenant on Facebook, “A Tormented Revenant shall feast on your soul!” Happy Halloween!”

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