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Favorite ThisMitiS - Oasis EP [Out TODAY on Born Records]

Published: September 30, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

We've come to expect perfection from Joe Torre, but the new MitiS EP Oasis still defies even the greatest expectations. The pianist and composer has such an ear for melody and has his finger directly on the pulse of the pop charts.

As he embarks on his tour of the same name (with Crywolf, who appears on the title track), we're reminded that not only is Torre a dynamic and engrossing live act, but his studio work is second-to-none.

As he told us in an interview, he's still trying to keep his chops up on the ivories, but there's no need for him to exert anymore effort behind the mixing deck, as he's not only able to create these lush symphonies in house and dubstep, but also work magical vocals into his pieces.

Buy the album now, and catch MitiS on tour!

Tags: DubstepHouseProgressive HouseTrance