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Favorite ThisMike Wallis debuts 'Simples', chats about new Osmetic EP, K.L.O & more

Published: March 14, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Mike WallisIn all the hubub surrounding our Phase 2 lineup for The Untz Festival, our more discerning fans caught hold of a special set that was slipped in amongst the rest and got themselves all in a tizzy. What was this Mike Wallis downtempo set?

Wallis, the co-founder of left-field label, Colony Productions, half of Crunch with Dave Tipper, and one-third of K.L.O with Kursa and Lone Drum (he's the "O") is performing a special downtempo set for us? This sent a certain type of bass nerd (really, our entire fan base) down a rabbit hole of possibilities. Most exciting of all is that the first solo Osmetic release would be timed perfectly for this spring in the lead up to our festival.

Lab Notes is out tomorrow (March 15) on Colony Productions. The four-track EP features downtempo and ambient musings unlike much material fans of Wallis' other projects might be familiar. That being said, the intense attention to detail and flair for the subtle is enhanced under further examination, and all the hallmarks of his penchant for bass-focused production are there—just viewed through a different lens. Mike Wallis will always dazzle, but he doesn't need to hit you over the head with it.

Today we premiere “Simples,” a delighful sketch of sonic wit and wonder that tickles the seasoned fan and entrances newcomers to his sound. All of Mike Wallis' myriad projects demands some contextualization, which is why I was thrilled that he agreed to answer a few questions for our fans.

Can you tell our fans a bit about this release and how it might differ from K.L.O material, and even prior Osmetic releases?

This is the first solo release using the Osmetic name, it's a more downtempo affair than the K.L.O output that's for sure. I do have a track coming out on a Street Ritual comp under the Osmetic moniker later this year, though, which I have been dropping in a few of the K.L.O sets recently..

Can fans expect to hear Lab Notes and songs of their ilk during the Mike Wallis downtempo set at The Untz Festival?

Absolutely, that's the vibe I'll be going for... Really looking forward to that set!

Lab Notes is coming out on Colony Productions, can you give us the quick and dirty on the history of your label, and maybe some recent and upcoming releases that are germane to our fans?

Colony was established in 2001, we've had artists from around the globe feature on the label over the years. Sam Ashwell and I run the label together these days, Sam is one half of Vent and Abstrakt Knights too. I would say the artists that people may recognise include Crunch, Vent, Opiuo, Kursa, Bogtrotter, Dream Walker, Tryptich, Mouldy Soul but there are many more too. Check it out hopefully you'll find something you like.

CrunchAre there any particular artists we should be keeping an eye on who you see changing the bass game these days?

Slug Wife crew for sure, Tipper always, I think Base2 is gonna blow up. There's a lot of good music out there at the moment if you have the time to find it.

Our fans would run us out of town if we didn't ask (even though you likely can't answer the question): Does the future hold any Crunch sets or even studio releases?

Your guess is as good as mine...

Got any K.L.O surprises you're sitting on for The Untz Festival that you can tease for us?

You'll have to wait and see but I can say we're super stoked to be throwing down for you guys!


Pre-order Lab Notes now before it comes out tomorrow

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