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Favorite ThisMatheny & MYTHM are gonna crack your back with 'Bones'

Published: September 7, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

Matheny x MYTHM

Joe Matheny and Mikey Miele have been popping up on our radar left and right this summer. Matheny found himself on a number of dates with VEIL B2B NotLö and it seems like MYTHM has a collab with just about everyone under the sun.

Always keepng a lookout for what's next, our friends at Wormhole Music Group snagged this insanely heavy, insanely artistic three-track collaborative EP from these boys, and it absolutely delivers like we'd expect.

Fans of G Jones, EPROM, and Bleep Bloop have a lot to be excited about with the screeching, smoking synths of the Reflex EP which is out now from Wormhole. We focus today on the chilling track, “Bones,” which feels more like a metal track than an electronic one. It's heavy, raucous, and packs a wallop.

Underground bass fans are clamoring for live sets from these guys, and the new EP is just going to send the demand through the roof they just blew wide open.

Tags: Dubstep