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Favorite ThisMass Relay makes big strides with Timeless EP [Out NOW on Adapted]

Published: October 19, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Mass RelayConsider us stunned. Before The Untz Challenge, we were unfamiliar with live glitch-hop duo Mass Relay, with Matt Richter and Chris Quaglia popping out of a small town in Illinois (much like another past winner, Filibusta). But once this smokin' pair clinched the victory, and landed several major, highly-prized slots across the country, the festival circuit got to know Mass Relay real good.

Now Richter and Quaglia have another feather to add to their cap, as the pair pushes out their Timeless EP this month! Released via lauded glitch-hop label Adapted Records, the 5-track EP shines a spotlight on the leaps and bounds in production the pair has made.

Kicking off the EP with "Singularity," we hear right off the bat that the psychedelic sounds of the transformational scene have seeped into the boys' brains (we blame SONIC BLOOM for that one). The Untz actually premiered "Center Street" back in May, and the hard-hitting energy is still as vibrant as it was then. Soak in the dubby dancehall vibes of "Snowstorm," which packs a hip-hop punch.

"Scooter" was actually Mass Relay's submission for The Untz Challenge. It's easy to hear how far the track has come over the past 6 months. Funky and trippy, the acceleration of the initial idea into its final form can only be describe as warp speed. The EP closes out with the title track, which engages the landing gear, but might actually be the best produced track in the collection. Subtle and psychedelic, the emotive melodies show the lighter side of Richter and Quaglia, which really tells us who they are.

From relative unknowns to heavy touring glitch-hop gurus, Mass Relay has really shown us what's up in 2015. Now it's onwards and upwards.

Buy Mass Relay's Timeless EP from Adapted Records on!

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