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Favorite ThisLotus is crushing new songs and thrilling fans with the classics.

Published: December 9, 2016

Photos by: Cory Giacalone (Jackafunk Photography)

Story by: Ian M. Watkins

As Lotus took the stage Saturday evening, the crowd's anticipation was palpable. From the very first notes of “Bellwether,” the energy in The Vic was evident by the audience's eruption into cheers of approval and energetic dance moves. The high octane first set included "Middle Road" and "Massif" from Lotus' 2013 album Build. The set ended in bubbly analog synths with two signature Lotus tracks "Anti-gravity" into "Spiritualize."

After a short break that seemed like ages to attendees the band reappeared to rampant roars of fanatic fans dying for more. The second set started with "Cold Facts," a track with the ethereal space vibes Lotus has become known for since their emergence in 1999. As the set further journeyed into "Lucid Awakening" and "Kesey Seed," the crowd swayed to drum fills rumbling alongside stuttered samples and ascending synth riffs. The transition into "Kesey Seed" was cerebral and intentional, without feeling forced or overdone.

To the delight of the crowd “Move Too Fast” was a crowd favorite. This track is off Lotus' new album Eat The Light which seamlessly segued into “Intro to a Cell." As a surprise to fans, Lotus played a rendition of The Talking Heads, “Crosseyed and Painless” that was nothing short of superb.

Perhaps the most transcending moment of the second set was "Umbilical Moonrise," (a melodic Lotus homage to fans, new and old); which gently faded into a cohesive "Disappear In A Blood Red Sky." Each band member played with an unmistakable sense of zeal and enthusiasm throughout the entirety of the performance. As Lotus' fanbase grows, so does their evolution and understanding of sound. This show was a fine tuned example of the where Lotus has been and where they're going.

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