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Favorite ThisLiving Roots and Rhymewave team up for 'Trickle Down'

Published: June 15, 2020

By: Bo Nuanual

Living Roots x RhymewaveI was in a magical place when I first met these folks. They were farmers living in a yurt in Oregon. They were musicians at their core. They were planting the seeds of auditory dreams way back when. If you ever make it up to the Pacific Northwest, just know the trees, rivers, and bass flow proper. Living Roots is as Oregon as the water melting off of our glaciers in the spring.

The bass duo of Living Roots this month teamed up with conscious rapper Rhymewave, who just lent his skills to The Polish Ambassador for “Blue Blockin' Hip Hop,” which dropped this week.

Trickle Down is a product of the earth, pandemic, and boiling culture. This song is that pillow synonymous to that lover you unsuccessfully reach for when the bed is empty each night.

The creators of this music are adamant about the abuses that have taken place in the American indigenous community (or what is left of it).

We are all pissed that we have perpetuated a system that has been okay with this shit. It. Is. Not. Put a message in the music. Think about the roots.

The most homegrown bass out of Oregon comes from the heads at Living Roots. If you are in the business of paying attention to west coast bass; keep an eye on these homies. Actually, just listen to their lyrics. Also take another look at indigenous past injustices. Tuning into this sound would probably be the best soundtrack to moving in the right direction.

Check out their sound. Check out Oregon. Check in with Natives. Once complete; check out because fuck being complicit in a fucked system.

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