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Favorite ThisLanguage Love: Amor Creador Review

Published: April 10, 2012
By: Ty Allen
Constructing genre-bending music is an understatement when talking about young producer Treven Crist, a.k.a. Language Love. There’s no easy way to describe his approach to music, but if you haven’t heard Language Love in action yet, you simply wouldn’t understand. Blending a multitude of instruments, styles, and cultures into his music seems to be something that just comes naturally to him. He uses tablas (small Indian drums), guitars, violins, and even sitars (a long-necked Indian lute) when composing his music, but then he takes the worldly influenced melodies and turns them on their heads, intricately injecting huge bass wobbles and glitch-work to create, what he calls, awesome meditation music that people can shake their asses to…aptly named.
Recently, Crist introduced the world to his Amor Creador EP, and it is nothing short of stellar. Every track has an incredible quality of congealing deep and dark sounds with smooth, uplifting harmonies, and morphing the song back and forth between moods, with an impeccable ability to immerse listeners into very deliberate atmospheres.
Crist has rocked all three Manifestation Celebrations, played alongside the likes of Shpongle, VibeSquaD, and Beats Antique, and has even performed at presentations given by the renowned visionary artist, Alex Grey. There’s really no way to compare Language Love’s style, it just envelopes so much of what people call music, it seems we might as well leave it at that…music. We are extremely proud to bring you Amor Creador, and we hope you all enjoy. So sit back, turn up that bass, and get ready for an intergalactic joy ride through the new sonic frontiers of global glitch.

Tags: BreaksDowntempoDubstepGlitchLivetronica