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Favorite ThisKanizzle remixes Genius Mistakes' 'Illusia'

Published: January 28, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

Kanizzle Illusia RemixWe have been repping Kanizzle's booty bass beats for a while on our feed. His latest track tackles “Illusia” from Genius Mistakes, the duo of producer/DJs v:shal kanwar and Brooklyn Shanti.

The original track is a laid-back, delicate, Afro-Cuban affair featuring the soft-spoken intonations of Bulgarian vocalist Maya Zhalova. Discussing her time living in India, Zhalova's spoken word remains, but Kanizzle takes the beat into hyperdrive with a punchy meter familiar to his fans from coast to coast.

We love whenever Kanizzle brings us one of his new tracks, because he tirelessly pushes his own production boundaries, and fuses world music that we rarely get to hear.

You can grab this remix from Someplace Called Brooklyn in partnership with Soulspazm, which allows you to stream it anywhere your heart desires. 

Tags: ElectronicaHip Hop