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Favorite ThisJon Casey goes 'Nucking Futs' on the Lost Dogz

Published: October 30, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Jon CaseyWe've been fans of Jon Casey ever since discovering his It Hz. side project with fellow South African, Chee. Now in an effort to cover his visa costs, Casey is partnering with the Lost Dogz to bring attention to his Get Me To America campaign.

Unofficial members of the Lost Dogz pack get the opportunity to release music on The Pound. This week, Casey launched “Nucking Futs” and the pups went rabid. This raw meat absolutely shredded our speakers with its high-frequency, slashing wubs, and Casey's signature style was twisted up into a slightly different sound that fell right in with the canine crew.

In order to support Jon Casey's quest to get an American visa so we can finally hear his tunes Stateside, we're asking all our fans to jump on his GMTA Sample Pack, which you can pay as little as $8 for, but every bit above that helps. Feel free to bite his style, as long as you pay through the snout for it. Bring this man to the good ol' USA, people.

Listen to “Nucking Futs” on your desired platform.

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