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Favorite ThisJohnathan Thomas & Danky collab on 'Out of Focus'

Published: March 23, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

Johnathan Thomas & DankyIt really does feel like drum & bass is coming back into favor in the United States. Perhaps it's because we surround ourselves by only the finest underground bass producers, but we feel it in the air now. It's never been a mainstream sound—especially not in this country—but it's time could be drawing nigh.

Enter Johnathan Thomas, who has been working hard for the Samsara Beats label, lately. Always a fan of drum & bass, he's really been diving in over the past few months. He linked up with a longtime collaborator in Danky, and the Chicago and southern California producers went in on “Out of Focus,” a wildly innovative D&B track the likes of which we've never really heard before.

Danky's contribution to the inaugural Samsara Beats compilation was jaw-dropping, and she's steady producing fire, as is Thomas, so we're really hoping to see more from this fruitful collaboration.

Tags: Drum and Bass