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Favorite ThisjOBOT - Shades EP

Published: April 26, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Joe Wendt is staking out his sonic territory somewhere between James Blake and JPOD the Beat Chef. Sultry, sensual echoes of reverb-laden half thoughts delicately slip in and out of this ethereal bass soup on jOBOT's latest effort Shades. The two-track EP pits midtempo "Shades of Blue, Black, and Grey" against the dripping, oozing 70-some BPM delight that is "Never Ever." This Headtron act still brings the glitchy bass for which his collective is known, but there's a somber, poetic, and deeper spin to his art. Soulful downtempo hip-hop that's just now finding its footing thanks to artists like Flume and the aforementioned Blake will hopefully bring more eyes and ears to the jOBOT experience, which we've been waving the banner for all these years. His time is now, and it's never been clearer than a glimpse through these Shades.