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Favorite This[INTERVIEW] Zomboy talks about The Outbreak album and US tour

Published: May 2, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

ZomboyLater this month, Never Say Die superstar Zomboy embarks on a two-month tour of the US, ripping bass from coast-to-coast in clubs and theaters across the country. He's bringing along the cavalry in the form of heavy support from Cookie Monsta, TC, and Eptic.

The Outbreak Tour takes its name from the forthcoming full-length release from the young producer, and Joshua Mellody took some time to talk to us about the new record, the tour, and how to get on the bus.

You recently posted a meme assuring your rabid fans you're still producing dubstep (as opposed to trap or whatever it is diehards get their panties in a bunch about)--is that a sign your debut LP, The Outbreak, is going to be a straight up dubstep album--or is there some variety within that overarching concept?
In a word NO. About 50% of the album can be put into a loose 'Dubstep' Bracket. While the other 50% comprises of varying styles and tempos. The best thing about it, is that it ALL sounds like me, if my 'fans' get their panties in a bunch about any of it, I have to ask the question of whether they are actually fans or simply fashion victims.
Speaking of concept, is there a through line or connective thread weaving a story with this album, or are you primarily concerned with putting out the best-of-the-best? These are the strongest tunes you've produced in the recording process.
The titles of the album tracks loosely follow a concept - the progression or spread of an apocalyptic virus. It also reflects on me and my own musical 'outbreak'.... spreading into new genres and new territories. 
The tour that leads up to the release of the full-length is a marathon 2-month trek across the US--what's your secret to keeping the energy level high night-after-night?
Coffee, crowd reactions, adrenalin, pizza and occasional sleep.
Your supporting cast is a murderer's row of bass music legends: You've got the seminal Circus act, drum & bass vanguard, and the young gun. How involved were you in assembling this massive lineup?
When it came down to choosing my tour buddies, i wanted to bring to the table both killer artists and good friends... safe to say I've done just that!
Tell me about the production on the tour. What can fans expect from your stage show?
For the Outbreak tour myself and some stupidly talented animators have put together an amazing new visual show!
An eager young fan wants to hang out with you and the crew on the bus after the show--what's the ONE question you would ask to determine whether or not they can hang?
Can they make a good expresso?

Here's a teaser for "WTF!?," the lead single from The Outbreak, breaking out on May 19th.

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