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Favorite ThisHot Date! & Chrisson: To The Sun (ft Roufaida)

Published: November 15, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

While America’s current bass culture continues to develop, there are a few genres that simply haven’t caught on like they did across the pond. One genre that immediately comes to mind is drum & bass, which hasn’t erupted in the United States like dubstep or re-emerged like house.

Although that doesn’t mean America’s not bringing anything to the table, evident from thunderous tracks by Hot Date! (Chico, California) & Chrisson (Rotterdam, Netherlands). While only one of these producers is based out of the states, it’s still a relief to see the genre making an impression on America’s youth.  “To The Sun” once again combines the two producers zealous production abilities, on a riveting tune that instantly commands your attention. Harmonious synths and the passion-laden vocals of Roufaida coalesce throughout the track’s dream like build up, before unleashing an immersive D&B breakdown. Tantalizing guitar strings appear at times to graciously saturate the listener’s unconscious mind, adding that extra layer to the song’s blissful instrumentations. 

Hot Date! & Chrisson might live an ocean away, but this hasn’t stopped them from crafting alleviating tunes. Three cheers for Monstercat Records, and a couple more for drum & bass.

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