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Favorite ThisGladkill: Promises

Published: December 6, 2011

For those who may have missed it, Boris Gladkikh put out a three-track EP last month that will keep plenty of folks who don't have the good fortune to live on the West Coast warm from sheer sexual body heat, alone. The Gladkill release Promises is drippin' with sweat, from it's opening "Let You," ripe with big melodic breaks and bass, to the last notes of the title track. Coming up in the melodic bass world with NiT GriT and Love and Light, Gladkill uses his monstrous sound, not to pound listeners over the head, but invite them in with spacious beats and lots of moves snatched straight from mid-90's R&B. Promises combines sultry samples with a downtempo aesthetic, just in time to power its audience back up with booming low end--the kind that gets your heart-racing, not that kinda that bursts blood vessels. At any rate, do yourself a favor and re-investigate this little treat from Gladkill.

Tags: DowntempoDubstepGlitch