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Favorite ThisGladkill: Lovelost EP Review

Published: June 25, 2011
by Kerry McNeil
Lovelost Boris Gladkill, the New York-based producer originally from Siberia, is making waves with his new EP Lovelost. A mix of deep, well-developed sounds, with the strong melodies expected from Gladkill, Lovelost proves to be a dreamy blend of sparkling synths and subtle bass with heavy emotional baggage in tow.
Opening with “Statis,” Gladkill reels in listeners with a trancey beat, overlaid with an intensely melodic synth, staying true to his smooth, fathoms-deep sound. Big, bold sounds coincide well for Gladkill, keeping the music lively and interesting through its foggy atmosphere.
“Return to Form,” brings in echoing, ringing synths above a subtly bass-friendly beat that’s difficult to shake. Boris G uses just the right amount of bass mixed with light, glittering synths—leaving listeners eager for more. The dull air of a chorus makes way for the melancholy synthy melody on “Out of Your Comfort,” complete with glitch-driven bass and a static, ambient beat.
“Star Gazing,” is exactly the kind of song meant for such an activity: lying on your back looking up at the sky. With a heavy, glitchy beat intro, moving into an atmospheric melody, full of echoes and starry sounds, “Star Gazing,” will have you looking heavenward, too.
A simple beeping, synth melody over a quick paced beat kicks starts “Just a Thought.” Harmonious vocal samples and more glitchy overlay overtakes the end of the track in an outpouring of glitch and driving synths, closing out the track with same beeping melody from the intro.
Boris G has assembled another fantastic collection, full of intricately layered and well-crafted pieces that are able to come off like a hazy and ambient dream, but somehow stay exciting and new at the same time. The deeply spacey melodies mixed with the subtle glitchy bass favored by Gladkill create a truly unique sound that feels just as its title suggests: lovelost.

Gladkill - Just a Thought

Tags: DowntempoDubstepGlitch