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Favorite ThisGet to know rising bass star Scales

Published: February 2, 2018

By: Sanjay Gopal

ScalesTo be perfectly honest, Hector Ramos was in our blindspot for far too long. The Atlanta based producer and Libra who goes by Scales has been producing electronic music for a while now, but is only starting to get the recognition he deserves. A couple of big breaks in the southeast have put him on the national map, and we are absolutely thrilled to welcome the hustling beatsmiths to the ranks of artists performing at The Untz Festival this summer.

Scales remixed one of last year's performers, Conrank, for his big Circus Records single “Hyper Sound.” Oomph wallops you with no prior warning. The cut opens and closes with a simple yet sinister melodic motif. There is some seriously precise sonic sorcery happening here past the first minute. The more reliable drops are followed by subtle rhythmic changes cleverly inserted into the song’s framework. This might be Optimus Prime's workout soundtrack.

Just yesterday, Ramos put out a new track, “Drippin',” which fuses that minimal, slurky Florida sound popularized by Eazybaked with a more over-the-top, lazerbass approach one might find more common in Bassnectar's bangers. This sort of balance is exactly what makes Scales' music such a delightfully winning combo.

Catch Scales going B2B with DYS at the Silent Disco over the June 1-3 weekend in Mariposa, California. Tickets available now at

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