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Favorite ThisFrank and Jonah Hodges drop us into 'Floating Point'

Published: April 16, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

Frank & Jonah Hodges - Floating PointI'll be the first to admit when an artist has been hanging out in my blindspot. And I'm fast to give credit when someone corrects the foolishness of my ways.

Jonah Hodges, a frequent collaborator of Mr. Bill's and uber-talented producer across a wide range of styles brought to me a collab between himself and Francois Swart, Cape Town's founder of the Dreamcorp label. Producing as Frank, Swart has worked with a handful of artists who have graced our feeds, but I've been missing out, apparently. My deepest apologies.

Nevertheless, Frank and Jonah Hodges come correct with “Floating Point,” an absurdly experimental halftime hit that really caught me off guard. I believe my exact words to Jonah were “I need this shit.” Honestly surprised this didn't land up on Noisia Radio before I snagged it for our feed. So here it is. Enjoy it, fans. And I promise not to miss any more promising producers, be them from South Africa or elsewhere.

Tags: Drum and Bass