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Favorite ThisEmazing Lights recap video of OMFG NYE in San Diego

Published: January 16, 2013

The beginning of 2013 was one for the history books. Dance music continues to grow exponentially in the United States and this expansion would not be possible without the combined efforts of the event promoters, innovative EDM companies and most importantly, the fans and festival-goers all combining their efforts in support of the movement.

As the influence of Dance Music continues to expand, new ways of thinking, living and expressing feelings are beginning to evolve and grow into the mainstream of everyday life. The beginning of 2013 saw another milestone for the EDM movement as LED Presents sent waves through the dance music world with their recognition and support of the Gloving and Lightshow community at their 2-day OMFG! NYE 2013 event in San Diego, California.

Previously unknown underground dance artists, Glovers, Orbiters, POI spinners and other light enthusiast are quickly becoming recognized as a legitimate evolution in all facets of the dance community. With their continued support of new dance forms, LED Presents invited EmazingLights & iHeartRaves, the industry leaders in Lightshows and Dance Apparel, to sponsor their event and add to the culture that has been growing among festival-goers for the past decade. With all access support coming from LED, EmazingLight’s media team was able to capture a unique, behind the scenes look at the mega event from the eyes of event attendees; the end result culminating in a recap video that highlights the energy and thoughts from the most important facet of the EDM community – the fans who support it.

Breaking away from the traditional formula of epic crowd shots and DJ cameos, the recap video strives to encompass the ideas, positive energy and magic of the youth movement that has changed the landscape of the music industry – and world – forever.

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