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Favorite ThisEarthCry remixes Papadosio for Pattern Integrities Remixed

Published: March 29, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

For a band poised right on the confluence between psychedelic jam and glitchy electronica, a full Papadosio remix album has been something fans have been dreaming about for years. Aligning itself with some of the biggest luminaries of psybass and global glitch-hop over the years, the 5-piece hybrid electronica outfit has not only infused its own sounds with the infectious elements of this underground sonic sensation, but also given some rising stars in the field a chance to shine in front of Dosio's rabid fan base.

To that end, yesterday the band released Pattern Integrities Remixed, a full investigation into the Pattern Integrities studio effort that came out in fall of last year by some of the members' favorite acts in the psychedelic bass world, including Bluetech, Kalya Scintilla, and Living Light. A rarified air seeps in through the entire release, as you kind of get the sense that a lot of these remixers haven't really tackled a project of this scale and scope before, and the foreign territory full of stems for drums, guitars, keys, bass, and samples excites, entices, and really envelopes the entire project. You can feel the joy of exploration in each of these remixes.

Papadosio Pattern Integrities Remix EarthCryWe chose today to highlight one particular remix that comes from a wholly different place. Nobody knows these Papadosio songs inside and out better than guitarist/producer Anthony Thogmartin, so for him to craft a remix via his EarthCry project is like sending the rest of the team to explore the surface of Mars with a nightlight, meanwhile he's got an army of digital cartography robots and a 3D map of the planet from mountain to core.

His expansive take on “Vactrollio,” originally a jazz fusion odyssey in the realm of a Weather Report or Return to Forever, digs into nooks and crannies you didn't realize were there, pulling these lush melodies out of little guitar or bass riffs and totally reorganizing structural elements. It's a crash course in modern electronica with classical composition practices jumping out at you. This remix truly is a wondrous journey through minimal electronica, thumping glitch, and infectious breaks. In short, it's got everything.

As spring gives way to summer, the guys' tour schedule fills to the brim with big theater dates and high-profile festival showcases, but really in the minutiae of this remix album do you find what the band is all about. The small details. These carefully reorganized and reimagined chunks of new Dosio classics are going to excite, invigorate, and propel fans deep into the back catalog looking for their own nooks and crannies to fill.

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