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Favorite ThisDMVU doesn't want your friendship, he wants you to kiss the ring

Published: March 29, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

Wormhole stage The Untz Festival 2018Pledge your fealty to DMVU or die. It's time to bend the knee, motherfuckers.

Matthew Philpott-Jones is on a quest for souls, and he doesn't suffer fools. Dropping track after track of monstrous fury and energy, DMVU is popping up on the biggest labels in bass and still manages to turn around and knock out a boom bap head-nodder with Ghost Creek or Kruza Kid in between bangers. Most recently his TRUTH remix landed on Disciple. Now it's back with his home team Circus Records for a free single that'll knock your socks clean through your shoes.

It's A Cult Not A Team” has already racked up 5000 plays in the day since it's dropped, because people know what's good when they smell new DMVU on the block—'scuse me, blocc. This latest weaponized subfreqency utilizes Jones' unique, signature whomps, and throws in plenty of shrieking, pitch-shifted vocals. It's a masterpiece from the modern day Bhagwan. Join the DMVU Cru cult.

DMVU opens up the gates of hell at The Untz Festival on our Friday Early Arrival Party June 1 along with Esseks. Joining him in the 'hole are Mad Zach, Chee, kLL sMTH, Frequent, Brightside, Secret Recipe, potions, LITLBIRD, and a whole host of terrifying talents. Snag your tickets at, if you're pure of heart and open of mind.

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