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Favorite ThisDisciples of Headtron: Vol. 1 Review

Published: January 19, 2012

By: Jamie Reysen

Boutique music company Headtron released its first compilation album early this month. Disciples of Headtron: Vol. 1 showcases the startup’s entire roster, delivering a mix of digital beats, driving bass, and otherworldly sounds from nearly a dozen electronic artists worth watching.

The compilation kicks off with “A Gift To” by polytemponic glitch bass producer Sugarpill, then transitions into another glitchy track – “We Will Never Know,” a collaborative effort by Sugarpill and fellow Headtron artist ChrisB., under the moniker Swordfight.

A second ChrisB. release featured on the album is “It’s All Good,” a song that merges warped bass lines with a sad, sweet melody. Russ Liquid’s “Pars Lunae” is another emotionally charged inclusion, with its twinkling synth lines and soundbytes of children at play. The classically trained musician includes touching piano melodies and standout brass sections on the track, expertly blending time-honored instruments with the modernity of electronic music.

Hip-hop inspiration meets bass-heavy sound on songs like Stephan Jacobs' “Groove Around You” – a wicked track fueled by distorted bass and robotic vocal samples – and “Bottle of Bumpy,” a glitchy, funky release by jOBOT.

There are a number of songs included on Disciples of Headtron that sound out of this world. Self-proclaimed “urban space gangsta bass” producer Jupit3r delivers an anthem for a faraway planet with his track, “Shark Bark.” Gladkill’s “Insomnia” is filled with otherworldly synth melodies and whompy bass, while “Katura” by GoldRush brings a futuristic element to the compilation. Meanwhile, +verb’s “Mileage” explores a vast range of frequencies and sounds, adding a certain quirkiness to the mix.

This album focuses on releases from the Headtron roster, but one special guest makes her way onto Disciples of Headtron; vocalist/producer ill-esha joins forces with jOBOT on “Fossils,” a memorable track that features beautiful vocals, ethereal beats, and warped bass lines.

Electro enthusiasts may discover a few new favorite artists by listening to Disciples of Headtron: Vol. 1. Hear all of the album’s tracks for free on SoundCloud, and learn more about the Headtron roster at

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