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Favorite ThisDillard & Trashbat team up on instant dubstep classic 'Atom'

Published: March 22, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Classic dubstep fans have gotta run not walk to Street Ritual's digital domains on March 28. Colorado's Dillard drops his latest, and we're gonna say it, greatest EP, Suru, which is packed floor-to-ceiling with deep wubs, classic percussive flavors, and an ultimately soothing dance experience—in just four songs, mind you.

Today we have the ultimate privilege of previewing the EP with one of its finest gems (but I'd hoard them all, if I could). Dillard teamed up with the UK's Trashbat, a legendary underground figure, for “Atom,” a chill, brooding, bass exploration of minimalism, darkness, and pure unadulterated energy. Energy doesn't have to punch you in the gut with a drop or smash a cake in your face—energy can make the hairs on your arm stand at straight attention with the force of a whisper.

Look to see Dillard very soon at The Black Box in Denver, since sub.mission's 10 year anniversary (a friggin' big one, we might add) is coming up next month. As a sub.mission resident, we know Dillard will be making an appearance, soon.

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