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Favorite Thisdela Moon brings new releases, a legendary career to The Untz Festival

Published: March 29, 2019

Story By: Michelle Gargano

Photo by: Araya Doheny

Dela MoonWe are indebted to and a direct descendent of the culture of full moon gatherings in Southern California that have been taking place for more than twenty-five years. Today we shine a light on an event organizer and resident artist steeped in and responsible in part for that culture, dela Moon.

This audio goddess celebrates 20 years of DJ'ing this year. Her passion, intricacy, and inviting energy has won over the hearts of listeners all over the globe. This worldly babe has performed in a variety of different countries and appeared on some of the best festival lineups in history.

One of her latest live releases is a massive a four-hour set recorded at the infamous biennial BOOM Festival, in Portugal. Throughout this set dela takes us on a tranquil and lucid journey, reaching all your senses and leaving you with a feeling of wholeness. dela Moon surely has a way to light up any dance floor and this set truly made me feel like I was there.

Aside from her live performances, she has recently teamed up with Chief Jesta on their latest Radiant Frequencies EP for Street Ritual, adding her known and loved drum and bass influence. Together, the two make an uplifting and smooth album perfect for anytime listening!

Be sure to follow dela Moon for upcoming releases and see her radiant vibes in action again in June at the fourth annual edition of The Untz Festival in Mariposa, California. She is the banner woman for drum & bass at the festival, but she'll be flanked by acts like Shield, spacegeishA, Thelem, K.L.O, Kursa, Seppa, VCTRE, and so many more who will not only drop drum and bass, but also its multivariate progeny: halftime, liquid, and the like. Visit to get your tickets now.

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