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Favorite ThisCosmic Coast prepares for The Untz Festival with 'A Different World'

Published: June 2, 2016

By: Mitchell Treend

The Untz FestivalThe time has come. Today after, years of preparation we finally get to welcome you all to The Untz Festival.

There are a million and a half things we are excited for, but among them we get to feature a brand new track from Cosmic Coast who will be gracing the stage for us this year in Mariposa.

The track is titled “A Different World” and it combines the steady driven flavors of future funk and nu-disco for a trip into the sundrenched horizon of summer 2016. Jonathan Edwards, the Nashville-based producer responsible for Cosmic Coast, has a lot to offer through his recent releases and “A Different World” is no exception. Imagine what Mad Max would have been listening to on the ride home at the end of Fury Road and you may get a sense for the dreamy sounds of satisfaction and wonder exuding from the entire composition.

We are so excited to have Cosmic Coast at our inaugural festival and we are sure that you will see exactly why he made the bill this year. 

If you haven’t copped tickets yet, there’s still time! Head over to or find more info on our Facebook page.

Cosmic Coast will be one sound you can’t get enough of this summer, so get ahead of the game, get your booty in gear and come find out for yourself at The Untz Festival tomorrow (Friday) from 2:30-4pm on the El Capitan stage.

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