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Favorite ThisCONTRA drops freebie 'Oneistoomany' on ShadowTrix Music

Published: February 23, 2017

By: Kevin Sanders

The Untz Festival 2017Gonna go ahead and say 95% of today's electronic releases follow the same pattern of bass and snares and everything in between lined up in a congruent, linear fashion that make it easy to bob your head to and find the beat. But every once in a while you hear a track that breaks from the norm and makes you break out of your comfort zone to follow the artist down the rabbit hole. Often this does not work in a sonically pleasing way, and can come off as an artist trying too hard to stand out in a crowded field. Yet every once in a while the entropy flows and creates a beautifully unique track you can't stop blasting.

With the release of “Oneistoomany,” CONTRA (aka Jacob Tullos from Moniker) demonstrates that he can produce an erratic track that still pleases the eardrums without following the standard formula of the industry. The song begins with a slow build that has no change in tempo, but still has a creeping increase of energy until the drop. Here is where the real creativity and talent take hold as none of the layers quite sync up with the beat, yet you have no urge to shirk away and can still find a way to dance and enjoy the organized chaos. Reminiscent of “Wall Fuck” by Flume, this track shows the versatility of CONTRA and his ability to break from the standard formula of synchronization between beat and note, while still producing a bass heavy masterpiece that deserves to be blared from a wall of speakers at your next festival.

If you feel like you need to hear this talent live, check out CONTRA as he performs as part of Moniker at The Untz Festival on the ThazDope Records stage and hopefully gives this track the full ensemble of subs it deserves. In fact, CONTRA's release comes on ShadowTrix Music, which also has its own stage boasting recent additions TASO, PartyWave, Muppet Punk, SubDocta, and many more.

Tags: Trap