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Favorite ThisCANVAS goes underground with 'Tunnels'

Published: April 15, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

CANVASIt is with great pleasure and even greater anticipation that we bring the sounds of the Atlanta underground to the west coast. Earlier this year we announced that CANVAS will be joining us at The Untz Festival, and even though we have to wait until October to have her out at Sycamore Ranch in Browns Valley, California, her star continues to rise.

Only a couple weeks back, CANVAS absolutely crushed her set on the CouchFest live stream, and next week, Rita Mucavele releases her Tunnel Vision EP.

We have the honor and privilege of giving fans a taste of the EP with “Tunnels,” today, which gives listeners strong, sturdy halftime vibes coupled with laser-etched bass whomps that pew pew their way straight from your speakers to your eardrums.

Mucavele says broadly about the tune that “Falling further and further into the rabbit hole that is music and sound design, I've found that it can be maddening. There's a fine line between losing yourself in the ideas in your head (musical and creative) versus going mad. This track is the balance between the two and the need for cathartic expression.

A veteran DJ, CANVAS is going to be bringing years of experience to the stage when she finally is able to share her deep crate with our ravenous underground bass community hungry for new sounds. We're going to be starved by the fall.

Tags: Drum and Bass