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Favorite ThisBroken Breaks sends its Street Ritual EP into 'Orbit'

Published: December 16, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Broken BreaksComing off its scintillating debut EP, Certified Dinger, last month, we already have a brand new two-track effort from Broken Breaks, a collaborative project from Chef Boyarbeatz and Eric Mark.

Making the jump to Street Ritual with their new one, Black Hole, the two Los Angeles-based producers strike up a hybrid in “Orbit” hanging somewhere between drum and bass, breaks, and halftime. It's wonky, it's flexible, and it keeps the listener guessing.

Street Ritual is always on its game finding the next big breakout in bass music, and their bet is on Broken Breaks. Black Hole is out December 20.

Tags: BreaksDrum and Bass