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Favorite ThisBlast straight into outer space with Homemade Spaceship’s Cosmic Latte

Published: February 20, 2017

By: Auburn Petty (Plugged In Publicity)

Emanating from the mind of just one man, Homemade Spaceship is that silky-smooth electro-funk you’ve been waiting for.

Rob LeVere’s latest EP, Cosmic Latte dropped earlier this month on Mile High Sound Movement, featuring four all-original tunes—layering live instrumentation with glitchy electronic elements to create lush, psychedelic funk music

LeVere calls his music “outer space-inspired electro-soul funkstep glitch-hop whatever you want to call it”—and it is all of that and more.

Cigarette Sun Dials” kicks things off with scrubbing synths, a slick guitar riff and dreamy vocal samples, laying the groundwork for a laid-back and groovy atmosphere.

Homemade SpaceshipThey Don’t Know,” the collaboration with Kinetik Groove, turns things up a notch, pairing heavier, grinding bass with lilting synth melodies, reminiscent of early GRiZ.

The EP gains even more momentum with “Bed Bug Mullet”—each track building upon the next, synergistically creating one cohesive journey from start to finish.

The final track featuring fellow-MHSM artist Lucid Vision, serves as the perfect end cap on Cosmic Latte. Pairing brassy and ringing bass with shimmering and ethereal trills, “Portal Trip” ensures that this EP thrusts you through the wormhole and straight into outer space.

Get Cosmic Latte from MHSM at a pay-what-you-want price point.

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