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Favorite ThisBest Dubstep Songs of 2012 - Top 10 Tracks

Published: December 11, 2012

By: Jordan Calvano

When dubstep sparked and rose to uncharted supremacy a few years back, a lot of people said it wouldn’t last. But boy is that baby growing and kickin’ like never before. 2012 saw producers straying farther from aggro drops and closer to melody-driven heights as vocalists got a nonstop workout on those pipes. So kick back, get weird, and let your speakers do the talking.

10. Taryn Manning - Send Me Your Love (KDrew Remix)
KDrew - Best Dubstep Songs of 2012
KDrew went so hard on this momentous remix of Taryn Manning, AKA homegirl from 8 Mile and Hustle & Flow, that he actually had to take his shirt off to properly rile the crowd up. “Send Me Your Love” strikes with an undeniably potent balance of heavy and melodic, and kicks like a shotgun when it drops.

9. DANK - Blow Me
DANK - Best Dubstep Songs of 2012
There’s a couple crucial steps that go into making a venomous dubstep banger: suck the listener in with an enticing build up, whip up some filthy womps, than bridge them together with a classic movie quote. DANK does all these things on “Blow Me,” and who doesn’t want to hear Johnny Depp talk about cocaine before they go nuts?

8. Adventure Club ft. Krewella - Rise & Fall (Krewella Remix)
Krewella - Best Dubstep Songs of 2012
Krewella held nothing back this past year, while combining a vicious work ethic with jaw dropping sex appeal. Most people are denoting Chief Keef as Chicago’s biggest breakout artist of 2012, but we got our money on Krewella--plus they actually show up to their video shoots.

7. Vaski - Insane ft. Ava
Vaski - Best Dubstep Songs of 2012
Vaski and Ava might just be the new dream team. “Insane” takes mind blowing to uncharted territories, and throws all conventions out the window of a speeding car. Just imagine skydiving with this bad boy filling your eardrums--rush of your life.

6. Delta Heavy - Demons
Delta Heavy - Best Dubstep Songs of 2012
Welcome to Delta Heavy airlines. We don’t require any seatbelts, but you’re really going to want a mask, because faces are about to be melted. Delta Heavy killed it this year with epic tunes in genres across the board, and there are no layovers on this trip.

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