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Favorite ThisArtifakts takes on Pretty Lights classic 'Hot Like Sauce' [FREE DL]

Published: August 27, 2015

By: Brent Stenstrom

Pretty Lights, better known as the king of downtempo chill-hop grooviness adds a new remix for "Hot Like Sauce" to his canon. This remix comes from none other than Milwaukee native Artifakts, who brings a chill yet refreshing take on this track by slowing things down a bit and making the track a bit more melodic.

This remix complements the original track without taking away from the signature Pretty Lights sound. It's one of those tracks you won't notice is over until you're ten or 15 seconds into the next song. Garret Meyer does an excellent job of keeping the original vibes of this song, but putting his own artistic spin on things making his remix a bit softer and smoother than the original. Don't worry, if you're a die hard Pretty Lights fan because this remix definitely does the original track justice, so sit back, relax and let Artifakts' remix tickle your senses.

Tags: GlitchHip Hop