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Favorite ThisAndreilien plunges deeper into halftime with Fragment

Published: March 21, 2018

By: Michelle Gargano

I had been counting the down the days with butterflies in my tummy since the announcement of Andreilien’s latest EP, Fragment, on Muti Music.

Almost one year to the date since his last release, Fragment made its earthly premiere last month. Andrei Olenev has been long capturing the minds and souls of glitchy bass lovers—but Fragment is a creation so unique and different from any of his past works of art, sampling an even more extensive spectrum of sound.

This five track EP starts off with the mind-melter, “Lichen.” In true fashion, the opener collects every part of your brain in one fell swoop as you begin your journey of audio interdimensional exploration.

The next two tracks have an unapparelled flow. “Flub,” had my heartbeat synced with the buildup and fully liquified with the breakdown.

Andreilien’s beats continually progress in all aspects during “Saturated”—it is so incredibly detailed and complex, but you can hear that one of a kind Olenev sound so precisely placed throughout this track.

AndreilienPrizmagon,” and “Germanium,” dip our ears into the drum and bass/halftime drum & bass world that we have been hearing hints of in Andreilien’s releases over the last couple of years. These tracks compliment each other so well and serve as the perfect completion of our escapades.

My favorite part of Andrei’s productions has always been his ability to tell a story musically and take you on an adventure auditorily, and I must say that holds strong with Fragment.

You can catch Andreilien on Bassnectar's spring session in Chicago on March 31st and if you need a double dip, he'll be performing the late night set at Concord Music Hall later that day with Ivy Lab and Danny Corn.

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