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Favorite ThisA Hundred Drums debuts 'Too Many Circuits' ft Jayne Gray

Published: March 6, 2019

By: Jonathan Gross

A Hundred Drums - Too Many Circuits ft Jayne GrayspacegeishA opened her now legendary Solasta set with it. Tristan Roarke from the legendary New Zealand dubstep duo TRUTH slipped it into one of his beloved live streams. It served as a climactic centerpiece for the inaugural Rezinate live series recorded live in Boston.

And now it's all ours.

A Hundred Drums' much-anticipated deep dubstep anthem “Too Many Circuits” featuring longtime collaborator Jayne Gray is now streaming courtesy of Street Ritual's space boss, spacegeishA, who also fell in love with the smash and signed it to the iconic west coast bass label.

Gabrielle Watson's layering of Jayne Gray's lyricism flows as easily as the words, crafting a delicate lattice of precise percussion, ephemeral verses, and deep bass pulses. There's not much more to say than “it's magical.” Soon, this secret weapon will fall into the hands of DJs around the world—soon, it will be all yours.

Not only is A Hundred Drums playing SONIC BLOOM this summer in Colorado, she's also coming over to our house. From June 1-2 you can catch her alongside spacegeishA, Bukez Finezt & Friends, Ternion Sound, Dalek One, pushloop, Shield, Saule, Big Chocolate, Thelem, tsimba, Dela Moon, Choppy Oppy,  and a number of other low end badasses at The Untz Festival in Mariposa, California.

This single is out everywhere on March 21st, but you can get it tomorrow (March 7th) exclusively from

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